lundi 6 octobre 2014

Akane and Kenjiro Love Story

Warrior 4th. Student of Oshima new school, classmates of Akane. Girl Komori pull of social phobia, I have received a web camera capable of fine remote control that was placed on the desk of his class. In brain clarity enough to understand the Vivid system in detail in electron system and mechanical system, even if not taught, especially handedly enough to penetrate to beat a good protection of Blue Island management station Kenjiro is planted further hacker. Attainments and amount of knowledge to the science and technology level without difficulty keeping up even after a conversation about science and technology and Kenjiro. Seemed also develops and pay delivery of applications by taking advantage of their knowledge, there is a pattern of moderate income.

There are attributes Moe factory, I have respected the Kenjiro. It will know the secret of Kenjiro through the camera by chance, it is interested in Akane us. In order to live in the room you put the kotatsu with twist to strengthen the air conditioning to prevent thermal runaway of the personal computer at home, it is strong in the cold of some but weak in heat. If you or praised, has a habit of saying "so-so" to Terekakushi. Low back most in the warrior, but is a fairly big tits, had been leaked "chest tight" and when you borrowed the clothes of Wakaba. It is to cherish the yellow hairpin that I got from Wakaba, was trying to find until it entered the sea when you have lost. Clothes Wakaba chose after is to scout magazine reporter in the opportunity, and become a model of women's magazines "Girls Morley".

As a result of cooperation with hacking the request of a friend of "hope to cooperate in order to stop the bullying" in the past, to know that it was deceived in that it has been betrayed by a friend, it comes to social phobia in the opportunity. Refuse to Akane us as "Me Not friends" also received an operation key can be decided that you now believe in friendship again in the wake of the attack alone to energy plant, to fight along with Akane us. To stop the pull Komori, began to attend school Vivid team after joining.

Colors in the palette suit operations and key yellow. Warrior with excellent defense system with intelligence, weapons to be used naked collider. It is possible to put up barriers that injecting a bit weapons 2 pairs glove, reflects enemy attacks them by generating a force field, and that to neutralize the barrier of the other by using this in Episode 8 I showed how to use. In Episode 10, noticed the presence to power up alone by analyzing a fight with alone so far of "arrow", and this led to the opportunity to know the identity of the example of a class mate. In addition, from Kenjiro, have received the best compliment a "disciple of an eagle."